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Below you can read our client testimonials

Kristin Connelly -"I think most people who read client testimonials are looking for something that will motivate (you) to take a leap of faith. Give me a minute to tell you why I came to Core Pilates – and hopefully, you'll find that something…     

I like to say "Core Pilates is small, but mighty!" And what I mean by small is that there are never more than 7 clients in the studio at a time (and that's the max for a tower or mat class). Everyone gets individual attention. Obviously, it's even more so if you opt for smaller duo/trio classes (with 1-2 other clients). And what I mean by mighty is… well, it's more about how I feel now that I've been at the studio for a while… it's personally empowering. But this would not be possible at just any studio- what makes Core Pilates Studio truly extraordinary are the instructors: Lisa, Talia, and Lori. I can say with complete confidence, whatever your needs are:  if you are willing to try, they are willing to work with you.

My personal story is that for a long time I allowed the limits of illness (followed by long recovery periods) and injury, to stop me from doing any physical activities. Eventually, I started to define myself by what I could not do. I came to the studio in November of 2014 with weak/atrophied muscles and myofascial pain syndrome (which causes severe muscle spasms in my neck, back and arms). I started once a week with individual sessions - Lisa, Lori and Talia worked in a lot of modifications- and I moved to tower classes. Less than a year later, I'm in the studio twice a week, for a group class and a smaller duo/trio. It's an evolving process. It takes time – but I couldn't ask for a better team of knowledgeable, patient, caring professionals who have helped me adapt, modify, try… try again, (laugh) try again!  Keep trying. Keep laughing. I am stronger every day…

Pilates is great for the body – that statement will be true for everyone. But the team at Core Pilates, they have been great for my body, my mind and my spirit and I couldn't be more thankful. I really hope you'll give it a try and I'll see you in a class."

Ed McConville -"After working with Lisa as my personal Pilates Instructor for over 10 years I thought it was time to acknowledge what she has done for me. I have rowed with the Albany Irish Rowing Club for more than 25 yrs. Pilates has kept me in shape over the winter months. In fact I competed with the team in an International Currach Regatta held in Ireland, I was 72 at the time. I am now 80 and hope to do non-competitive recreational rowing this summer. Pilates has certainly helped! I also have psoriatic arthritis and was told by my rheumatologist that Pilates and rowing are keeping me out of a wheel chair."

Carol Reiser - Physical Injury Focus -"After 12 years of constant, unrelenting pain, I’m not in pain anymore. That in itself is amazing, but what I really find amazing is I love to do Pilates! It is never boring and I can’t believe the physical changes my body has experienced. I’ve always hated to exercise. I was a swimmer when I was younger and have always enjoyed walking, but to go to a gym or do any formal exercise was too boring. It takes too much time and I have several injuries that prevent me from doing rigorous, repetitive exercises. Then a friend encouraged me to sign up for an individual session with Lisa. After one session, I felt better, stronger and more energized than I have ever felt in my life. In three sessions, Pilates did more for me in strengthening and rehabilitating my injuries than 12 years of physical therapy and prescribed injections. No longer do I have to do PT exercises every day or see a physical therapist. No longer do I have to get injections for the pain and injuries."

Judith T. -"I came to Lisa Yakel’s Core Pilates, four years ago, after trying a number of studios in the area.  I was few years past mid-life at a time when my body was beginning to shrink in size and I was having aches in my neck.  I was already a disciple, having studied for five years. Through Pilates I had learned how to feel the inside of my body and to discern the different feelings that accompany internal muscle contractions, allowing me to visualize what was happening within and what I was aiming for. After my first year of Pilates work, I had grown an inch, had a new found strength and a new feeling about my body! 

Finding Lisa and “Core Pilates” was the end of my search and I have continued to gain in strength and understanding. Lisa brings to her teaching a life time of experience, first in dance and aerobics and finally, Pilates. Pilates, as she would say, is not merely an exercise system. It is much, much more. It is a door to mind-body integration with profound physical and mental consequences. It is a life long conversation with your body, one that continually challenges your understanding as well as your ability. Many of the basic exercises are also the advanced exercises, the difference is one of deeper learning of form and intensity with the same goal of strengthening of the body’s core muscles. The result is potent antidote to the losses of aging:  positive body changes that happen over time.

Lisa’s patience and understanding both of her craft and of human nature allow her to instruct novices, veterans, men, women and all ages of interested folk. She speaks to them so that they, too, begin to understand the workings of their bodies as they transform with the Pilates method.

With Lisa’s enthusiasm and support, each session is a new challenge and I come away knowing both my accomplishments and my next hurdle. Much like life, Pilates is a journey of discovery of ones own unique strength, and I can say without reservation that Lisa is a powerful guide on my journey."

Bridgette S. -"I began taking Pilates about 5 years ago at the recommendation of a friend who told me it was amazing movements and stretching that could not be put into words, and she was right.  As a cardio junkie I would often feel that the stretching I was doing wasn't enough, the same I thought was true when I did strength training with weights.  As a result of doing Pilates, I have strengthened my Core (your mid-section), a term used often, that has helped me to significantly improve my posture, stamina, and how I sit at my work station.  As an Office Manager I spend 8+ hours a day at a desk working on a computer, Pilates has helped me relieve back discomfort from how I used to sit in my chair and often slouched at my desk; and has helped me to focus and concentrate more on my posture and Core in my day-to-day activities.  Pilates is an exercise program that incorporates similar movements, whether you are a beginner or advanced attendee.  The ideal about Pilates is that as you advance from beginner, the movements are very similar, but you learn how to focus deeper on the movements, further advancing, strengthening, and lengthening your muscles and Core.  I love Pilate; I find it to be very relaxing, exhilarating, and de-stressing.  I've also made some very good friends as a result of attending the varying classes and sessions."

Ellen M. - "Since I'm primarily a cardio junkie, I approached my first Pilates mat class with skepticism, but right from the start I felt the benefits. I like the fact that Lisa uses visual cues and everyday language to clarify moves/positions & individual clients can progress at their own levels. I love the tower classes the best, and can happily say that since I started taking Pilates I no longer have any back pain issues, my posture has improved & my core strength has increased significantly."

Melissa S. - "I started taking Pilates after I had a baby to get rid of the baby bump. I had never taken it before so it helped that Lisa made things really understandable and comfortable. Thanks to Lisa and Pilates I lost my baby weight and toned up my stomach muscles."