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We offer a Classical Pilates Certification Program

Core Pilates Albany is proud to offer future instructors a Classical Pilates Certification Program through Beacon Pilates. All sessions for the teacher training program will be held at Core Pilates. Please contact us for more info.

About Our Program

Beacon Pilates Teacher Training Program is based on Classical Pilates. We use a system based formation to every workout to help the teacher navigate appropriate exercises for clients within the over 500 exercises that Joseph Pilates created. All clients begin with the beginner system. How and when a client progresses is something you learn as you go through the program. Appropriately progressing clients is a skill that takes time to develop as a teacher.

Our program is 500 hours. A 50 hour Mat Program including beginner and intermediate mat work. A 450 hour apparatus program including Beginner System, Intermediate System, Advanced System, Special Cases, Tower classes and working with clients at multiple levels.

We pride ourselves on being a true mentoring program. You will get feedback from us to each and every stage. We are here to answer any questions you may have throughout the whole process. We want you to have the tools to feel confident to go out and teach this wonderful technique.

*Training is ongoing so please contact the studio to set up your schedule